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Monthly National Call: First Sat


May 29:  Resilient Leadership - Ms. Uma Devireddy, Dallas

June 7: College Counseling 

June 14 & 21- Essay Writing - Ms. Vidya Murlidhar, Charlotte 

July: Goal Setting - Ms. Sumi Tharasingh, Austin 

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Ekam Global Webinar 2020


Please join us for first ever Ekam Global Webinar and see what our youth and your donations have accomplished in USA and in India for mother/ child health and COVID relief.

When:Sunday Nov 1st 2020, 9:30a-11:30a Eastern time (Remember DAYLIGHT SAVINGS begins)
Where: Live webinar at tinyurl.com/ekamwebinar
Who: Videos by our youth ambassadors, Keynote address by Dr. Sai Lakshmi and representation by Ekam USA, UK, Canada and India
Why: To support us in providing life-saving treatment for children in need.

Ekam Webinar 

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