Upcoming Ekam Events

Monthly National Call: First Sat


May 29:  Resilient Leadership - Ms. Uma Devireddy, Dallas

June 7: College Counseling 

June 14 & 21- Essay Writing - Ms. Vidya Murlidhar, Charlotte 

July: Goal Setting - Ms. Sumi Tharasingh, Austin 

Now friends of Ekam Foundation in UK can donate to Ekam through Sanitation First, a nonprofit that works in Pondicherry and Chennai. Please make a note in the comments that the donation is for Ekam Foundation in Chennai. 
Bank to bank transfer is the best. Credit cards and PayPal cost more to the charity. 
Make a Donation button on the page doesn't charge anything extra to the charity. This would be preferred. Pls contact Mr. David Crosweller with any other questions or email us (T: +44 (0)1225 723673
M: +44 (0)7939 576504)
Private Donation: If the person pays UK tax we can get an extra 25% through tax authorities.  They have to sign a form or email us confirming tax status.

Company Donation: We provide a receipt and they can claim the corporation tax back.

If it is a direct transfer then it can be to our bank:

Account Name: Sanitation First
Bank: NatWest, Bexhill (branch)
Sort Code: 51 70 12
Account Number: 65690036
We can accept regular donations.  They just need fill in a form that can be found here:
As can the links to Paypal (which we are trying to phase out because of charges) and Make A Donation, which we are trying to encourage people to use.  At this time MAD does not accept regular payments (will do soon), but Paypal does.
Rule of thumb there is about 2.5% charge incurred.  Higher if it is an AMEX card.

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