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All donations go through PayPal or Caring Crowd, which are secure sites. Ekam USA does not store your financial information. 

The list below shows projects we need funds for. To donate AND get matching funds (when available), it is a simple process:

1) Click on a campaign you would like to support
2) Create a Caring Crowd account
3) Make payment using Credit Card
Projects with 50% matching - up to $400/project per donor
  Project Amont Needed
1 Create Healthy and Happy Children  $3,000
2 Help children with hearing impairment  $2,500
  • Please donate maximum of $400 per project.
  • If you would like to donate $1000, you can donate $400 to 2 projects and $200 to a third project.
  • If you donate $500 to a single project, only $400 is matched.
1) Credit card will be charged once a project reaches its goal (not at the time you make the donation)
2) Receipts are usually sent from EkamUSA in January (closer to tax date)
3) Matching at the Caring Crowd crowdfunding site is provided by Johnson & Johnson
Please call with any questions -  Neelima Reddy /225-953-0414/

One Time Donation

Needs PayPal sign in and then payment may be done using Credit Card. Using PayPal helps us avoid fees/transaction costs.

NOTE: PLEASE CLAIM PAYPAL GIVING FUND WHEN FILING TAX RETURNS. The money goes to Ekam and we save 2.2% fees.

Choose your monthly donation


$100 per month


Choose your yearly donation amount

The best way (no fees to Ekam) is to set up ONLINE BILL PAY through your bank account (e.g., monthly $30, etc.) to the address below or wire transfer to

Ekam USA Inc

Account number 858110567

Routing number 065400137

ABA number 021000021

Send a check to

Ekam USA Inc,

14637 Memorial Tower Dr,

Baton Rouge, LA 70810-8407

"Please provide your email and mailing address with your donation so we may send receipts"

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