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Get matched for your donation, upto $250 per project per each donor
If you would like to donate $1000, donate $250 to each project, to four projects to total $1000
If you would like to donate $500, donate $250 to each project, to two projects
If you donate $500 to a single project, only $250 is matched.
It is a simple process to click the link, create a caring crowd account, and pay using credit card. Caring Crowd matching is provided by Johnson and Johnson for community health projects.
Please call me with any questions, and donate before the matching funds run out in 1 week.
Neelima Reddy /225-953-0414/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

One Time Donation

Using Paypal, to avoid fees. Please claim Paypal Giving Fund for taxes. The money goes to Ekam but we save 2.2% fees.

Choose your monthly donation
Choose your yearly donation amount

The best way (no fees to Ekam) is to set up ONLINE BILL PAY through your bank account (e.g., monthly $30, etc.) to the address below or wire transfer to

Ekam USA Inc

Account number 858110567

Routing number 065400137

ABA number 021000021

Send a check to

Ekam USA Inc,

14637 Memorial Tower Dr,

Baton Rouge, LA 70810-8407

"Please provide your email and mailing address with your donation so we may send receipts"

Thank You For Donating

Save the date ! Giving Tuesday !
Nov 28th, 2018 - Get matching for your donation up to $1,000 on Facebook at 8AM eastern. Hurry before matching funds expire. 

Facebook Fundraiser

You can help by creating a Facebook Fundraiser in 3 clicks- Choose Ekam USA, Pick a goal and timeline, choose a title/ photo and you are all set !
No facebook fees !

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