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The best way (no fees to Ekam) is to set up ONLINE BILL PAY through your bank account (e.g., monthly $30, etc.) to the address below or wire transfer to

Ekam USA Inc

Account number 858110567

Routing number 065400137

ABA number 021000021

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Ekam USA Inc,

14637 Memorial Tower Dr,

Baton Rouge, LA 70810-8407

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Ekam USA Youth Ambassador


Sai Kodali's goal is to become a pediatrician and help children get healthy. She was inspired to learn about Ekam's work in India to help children in need. She wrote a letter explaining the work done by Ekam and went to local businesses in Baton Rouge. She raised $1,050 and then donated her pocket money of $1,000 to become the first Ekam Youth Ambassador Fellow. She met the founder of the organization Dr. Sai Lakshmi in Baton Rouge on 1/28/17 and handed her donations to Ekam USA. She motivated several other teenagers to become youth ambassadors for Ekam. Please follow the below link to join EYA program

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