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Ekam USA has been started with a vision to support Ekam India and thereby reach out to most needy children in India with the mission “To provide holistic( physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual) well being  including preventive, promotive and tertiary care health care  support to Children and mothers in India ”
Funds raised will support 3 areas of healthcare

1.Save a child (SAC)– Direct health care support – covers the cost of hospitalizations, investigations, surgeries, etc.

  • When a child needs financial assistance, Ekam’s helpline is called. Ekam has developed a state-wide organizational structure, with Regional Officers (R.Os) in each district. Tamil Nadu, where Ekam started, has 32 districts, hence 32 R.Os, who manage all the regional activities. There are two neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) in each district- a total of 64 NICUs in the state. On average, Ekam receives about 60-70,000 referrals in 1 year. Ekam is able to care for all these children by utilizing the already existing public health sector and using their model of bringing the community,  public and private sectors together and bridging the gaps where needed.
  • Over 1 million children have been served in the last 7 years.
  • Ekam’s goal is improve public health care and make it available to those in need and be sustainable. Ekam, since 2009, has recruited and trained nurses to work in each of these 64 neonatal intensive care units. They are trained to identify children that need tertiary care and provide early referrals. Ekam has a medical team that triages these referrals and determines the problem and what type of treatment needed. Then the child is sent to an appropriate facility- preferably a Government/ public hospital with the necessary equipment or facilities. If these are not available in a public hospital, a child may need to be admitted to a private hospital- but only to those within Ekam’s network- that provide subsudies and give credit to Ekam so payment may be done at a later date, without delaying treatment to the child.

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