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Grand Ambassadors of Ekam 2016(who donated at the Platinum level of $10,000)

Dr. Amarnath Ramineni

Dr. Amanath Ramineni is a Hematologist/ Oncologist in Indiana, PA, who is a grand ambassador of Ekam. He is a friend of Dr. Sai Lakshmi from Gandhi Medical College and was inspired by the significant work being done by Ekam to save children in need.

Mr. Nick Punyamurthy

Mr. Nick Punyamurthy, CEO/ President, CompNova- Software Development in Dallas, TX shares the vision of Ekam in providing healthcare to underprivileged children.

Ekam USA Youth Ambassador

On June 2nd, 2018, a day that dawned to be gloomy and rainy, the youth ambassadors of Ekam, Charlotte, kicked off their maiden venture  with the goal of raising funds for their adopted village Sorpanandal in Thiruvannamalai district. The three kids, Nirmal Rajendran, Soorya Vasan and Varun Murlidhar had set a modest target. They aimed to raise at least 50$ that day. The money would go towards meeting the needs of the Anganwadi at Sorpanandal. The venue chosen was a health seminar that dealt with the growing epidemic of obesity and was organized by the Tamil Sangam of Charlotte at Gandhi Bhavan. The kids made a beautiful poster which showcased the work done by the Ekam foundation in India. They set up a stall and sold glasses of mango milkshake and buttermilk, vegan and gluten free cookies for a modest price of 1$ per glass/ pack of cookies  to the seminar attendees.

EKAM USA Participated in Giving Tuesday 2017

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