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Profiles of our Youth Ambassadors

Varun Murlidhar 

Varun has been involved with every activity the chapter has done for the past year. Laid back yet extremely dedicated, he has made good use of every opportunity that has come his way and has over 100 hours of volunteering with Ekam. Soft-spoken with a great sense of humor he brings an air of ease to every event. Also very creative and passionate about baking, he was delighted he could use his baking skills to give back to the community.  

Soorya Vasan

Soorya has an amazing sense of time management and multitasks with brilliance. She is always enthusiastic and puts in 100% to every task she performs. She keeps the team in tow by making sure they finish what they start. She loves baking.  Also very creative she did a wonderful job of teaching little kids quilling at a workshop to raise funds. She has close to 75 hours volunteering for Ekam.

Nirmal Rajendran

Nirmal Rajendran has 55 hours of service through Ekam. He is an out of the box thinker and brings a very interesting and original perspective to all the meetings of the chapter. He says he really enjoys volunteering with Ekam because he knows what he says and does make a definite impact in the local community and abroad.

Asvath Prabagar 

Fondly known as Azzy in the team, Asvath is a very reliable and respectful teen. One can always count on him to take up and shoulder responsibility and finish every task that he takes up. With his maturity and groundedness, he is a very valuable addition to the team. He has 52 hours of service with Ekam.

Shruthi Prabagar
Shruthi is just 10 years old yet one of the most enthusiastic people in the group. She is extremely talented and excited that through Ekam she can help kids who are not as fortunate as she is. With her constant chatter and flow of new ideas for events, she is a delight to have around and brings an element of fun and innocence to the group.


Sameeya Vasan
Sameeya is very young, just 10 but has the vision of an adult. She is very well read and a brilliant artist. She earned a lot of hours crocheting coasters and selling them at Ekam events. She is sensitive and ponders deeply about world problems and is very passionate about being able to make a difference in the lives of people who are going through a difficult time. 


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