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Sustainable Well Being Initiative


Improving the economic well-being of individuals has a direct effect on the health of the community. Parents with greater economic opportunities are able to provide nutritious food, a safe environment, and medical care for their children.

These factors contribute to the physical and emotional well-being of children as they grow and develop. Ekam helps to create livelihood opportunities that focus on sustainability, building up local communities, and promoting healthy living.


  • The majority of the population in rural areas lives on subsistence wages

  • Farmer welfare is linked to food and nutritional security
  • Diseases are more likely to affect people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds


  • Educate communities on organic farming and other livelihood opportunities
  • Train farmers in organic farming techniques
  • Create marketplaces and improve accessibility to natural farm produce
  • Train rural healthcare workers and increase employment opportunities in healthcare
  • Utilize local skilled labor to create solutions to healthcare challenges

Success Stories

Mothers were having a difficult time holding their babies for a long time without support. In collaboration with local women, Ekam staff designed a simple cotton baby sling to be sewn and distributed. The sling provides a solution to mothers with low birth weight infants.

With the sling, the babies receive prolonged skin-to-skin contact and frequent breastfeeding. This project provides work to local seamstresses while solving a local healthcare issue.


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