In the Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu, the infant mortality rate is 15.3%. Although there are 56 primary health centers, there is only 1 referral hospital for the entire district. This hospital and the health care centers were facing large equipment shortages, especially with more patients in the hospitals due to COVID-19. Providing new equipment ensures the children are provided with the treatment they deserve and reduce the number of preventable deaths overall. The EYA created a Caring Crowd project and made a goal of $2000  to maintain existing equipment and buy equipment, such as warmers, infusion pumps, incubators, pulse oximeters, and glucometers. With every 3-5 pieces of equipment donated, 100-200 more children could be treated. EKAM Baton Rouge reached the goal and together raised $2072. These funds have been sent to India to purchase the necessary equipment.