The EKAM Atlanta Chapter was founded in October 2016, with the mission to support underprivileged women and children in India and throughout local communities.

    Inspired by Dr.Sai’s visit, our EYA program was started in April 2019, with the goal of empowering youth to volunteer in local communities, with adequate support from their parents, helping build a healthy relationship.

    Our EYA (Ekam Youth Ambassadors) are the backbone of our chapter and actively lead, plan and participate in various community service projects and fundraisers. Our chapter’s mission is to do our best to help communities strive and sustain locally and globally.

    Our adopted district: Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India.

    In 2020 Ekam Atlanta has raised over 3000 dollars for SWBI initiatives in India, to support activities in our adopted district, Dindigul, Tamilnadu, India. Ekam Atlanta also raised 2500 dollars for covid relief in the USA and India. These funds are utilized to buy new PPE for senior citizen care centers in the USA and to support farmers and migration workers in India.

    Volunteering Activities  – Below are just a few of the activities that our chapter actively participates in. Please contact us for additional details.

    • Care Q resources – volunteers can research and provide a list of credible non profit organizations that help with healthcare.
    • Book / Media Drives
    • Help with Activities at Animal Rescue Centers, Special Needs Centers and Tutoring Centers
    • Sustainability Initiatives

    Join Us and Make the Difference

    Youth Ambassadors

    Chapter Contacts

    Sudha Suddala

    Chapater Coordinator | Atlanta | EKAM USA

    Our 2020 Presidential Award Recepients

    Activities & Fund Collection Drives

    Food Donation to Homeless Shelters

    Since the beginning of the pandemic, our EYAs are actively involved in food donation, and have been helping with preparation and packaging to local homeless shelters. Our EYAs made hundreds [...]

    Zoom into STEM

    Need/ Challenge - Zoom into STEM - Science kit donations and lab assistance for Elementary and Middle School kids  Approach / Solution- Ekam Atlanta project has been selected as a [...]