WBZR2 Sunday Journal COVID Crisis in India, Louisiana connections
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    The Ekam Baton Rouge chapter is a group of students inspired by Ekam’s work to help the underprivileged children and women, as well as help people in need during times of crisis. Our goal is to support and empower local communities. Our chapter has initiated several fund raising activities to support our adopted district in India, such as giving life-saving equipment to hospitals during COVID-19, as well as local causes, such as fundraising for the Baton Rouge food bank. Our Ekam Youth Ambassadors (EYAs have taken initiative to create and drive these service projects. EYAs have participated in workshops and are actively involved in internal meetings and decision making. Scroll down to learn more about EKAM Baton Rouge and our projects.

    EKAM USA Baton Rouge Volunteers

    Chapter Contacts

    Prashant Pasala

    EYA Coordinator | Baton Rouge | EKAM USA
    Baton Rouge

    Neelima Reddy

    EYA Coordinator | Baton Rouge | EKAM USA
    Baton Rouge

    Youth Ambassadors

    Local Volunteering

    Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) Award - Sai Kodali

    Activities & Fund Collection Drives

    Mask donation during COVID

    Mask donation during COVID to the Sheriff's office, group homes and children's clinics - Sai and Rama Kodali

    Dinner Service at local homeless shelter

    Ekam Baton Rouge Birthday Fundraisers

    Abhay, Neil, Sneha and Sohan These youth ambassadors donated their birthday and in lieu of gifts, asked their friends and family to donate to the cause they believe in. They [...]

    2018 Carnival Fundraiser

    Sai Kodali and Baton Rouge EYA organized this event to spread awareness about Ekam and to raise funds to help children in need. Sai Kodali- For the Carnival Fundraiser I [...]

    Baton Rouge Fire Accident Relief

    Many students at LSU were affected by the fire in their apartment and lost everything. At the time of need, many donors and previous alumni came forward from all over [...]

    Give food to people in need in Baton Rouge during COVID-19

    Food insecurity grew in Baton Rouge due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. A stay at home order was issued in Baton Rouge, and therefore, many people lost their jobs. Having no [...]

    Give life-saving equipment to hospitals during COVID-19

    In the Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu, the infant mortality rate is 15.3%. Although there are 56 primary health centers, there is only 1 referral hospital for the entire district. [...]

    Raising funds for kids in group homes

    Challenge Group homes take in kids that are in need of a safe space. These kids face many challenges from abandonment to the lack of a loving family environment. They [...]


    New Jersey 5k Run 2021

    In 2019, the EKAM NJ chapter organized the EKAM 5K Run in Central New Jersey. It was a widely appreciated effort, which had volunteers all over the state helping to [...]


    EYAs are participating in MediClown workshop

    EYAs are participating in MediClown workshop

    EYAs are participating in the Gavel Club

    Several of our EYA’s are enthusiastically particpating in the virtual Gavel club