The EKAM Bay Area Chapter of EKAM USA was founded in 2018. Since then, it has gained many new EYAs and has supported various worthwhile causes, both locally and in India. These include holiday-themed Events, the upcoming holiday drive for a homeless shelter, art competitions, summer tutoring project, and many more. Scroll to learn more about EKAM Bay Area!

    Join Us and Make the Difference

    Chapter Contacts

    Shilpa Puppala

    Chapter Coordinator | Bay Area | EKAM USA
    Bay Area

    Ranjana Sundar

    Chapter Coordinator | Bay Area | EKAM USA
    Bay Area


    Activities & Fund Collection Drives

    A Virtual Paint Pop Up

    A Virtual Paint Pop Up Fundraiser RSVP: $20 per person 100 % of proceeds go to Ekam USA Pay using Zelle or PayPal by using the e-mail or [...]

    Cards 4 A Cause

    Want to make a difference on this Mother's Day? Order our pre-made or personalized e-card and we will email it to your recipient. Read below about how your Mother's Day [...]

    Holiday Drive

    Need/Challenge: The deadly coronavirus pandemic forced many people into the streets for various reasons such as economic issues, loss of family members, and more. To assist those struggling during the [...]

    Hospital Donations

    Need/Challenge: With the demand for masks increasing drastically during the peak of the coronavirus, many hospitals were unable to afford masks for their patients. Masks for hospital patients are essential [...]


    Need/Challenge: The objective in enrolling in ICC’s Sevathon was to support and promote the EKAM foundation and our mission, which starts in improving the health of our community, specifically with our [...]

    21- Day Kindness Challenge

    Need/Challenge: The world that we live in can be a very cruel and hard one. It’s filled with large amounts of violence, hate, and toxic thinking. Everyone is mostly focused [...]

    CaringCrowd project – Provide classroom amenities for children in T. Mettupalayam

    Need/Challenge: T.Mettupalayam is a small village in the Erode district in Tamil Nadu. Because of the poverty in this village, this village cannot afford proper classroom facilities, such as chairs [...]

    Food Drive Project

    Name: Food Drive Project Need/Challenge: One of the larger and more impactful issues that arose during the COVID-19 crisis was a lack of affordability for food and other necessities. More [...]

    Summer Tutoring

    Need/Challenge: During COVID, students from low income households were strapped for resources for distance learning. However, the teachers were determined to provide them access to the best possible education. In [...]


    Youth Ambassadors

    Our 2020 Presidential Award Recepients

    Presidential Award Winners 

    Amrita Guha, Anagha Dogiparthi, Shrimayi Chaganti, Sowmya Sundar, Divya Sundar, Srishti Sripada, Shreya Sripada, Trisha Manipatruni, Spoorthi Bedadam, Lasya Puppala, Charvi Magam