Ekam Boston was formed in Jan  2019 with an intent of encouraging adults and youth participation and volunteering in the greater Boston area. Nagasree Chakka, the founder of the organization, is childhood friend with the founder of Ekam USA and has pledged to use this platform “to help those that are disadvantaged to her greatest ability.” To date the chapter has created and fulfilled 120+ projects including sweet treats for troops, masks, crochet mask securers, 3D printed mask securers, face shields to the needy, reusable fabric caps, disposable gowns for first responders, decorated bags to make care packages for homeless, handmade yarn caps and scarfs to the homeless, handmade fleece neck warmers and caps for homeless veterans, MLK blanket drive for homeless veterans and sponsored, prepped cooked and served fresh made food and home cookies for 400+ homeless guests at 4 shelters. 

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    EKAM Youth Ambassadors

    EKAM Adult Volunteers

    EYAs winning Presidential Volunteer Service Award for year 2019-2020

    Boston EYA’s are actively involved in projects. Here are a few

    • 12000+ reusable cotton cloth masks were stitched and provided to the senior centers, disability centers, corrections centers, recovering patients, homeless and shelters.
    • 2000+ Crochet mask securers and 1000+ 3D printed mask securers were made by EYAs and provided to the needy
    • 2000+ Face shields were made by EYAs and provided to the front line workers
    • 3161+ disposable gowns were hand made and provided to health care workers at 3 different hospitals during the peak of the pandemic when supplies were low.
    • 712 reusable cloth caps were stitched and provided to Doctors and first responders working in 7 hospitals
    • 400+ Brown bags were decorated by young EYAs to make care packages for homeless
    • Hand knit yarn 38 caps and 5 neck warmers were donated to the homeless.
    • 33 Blankets were hand knotted and donated to homeless veterans on the occasion of MLK day.
    • $696 were raised using which a fresh meal was sponsored, prepped, cooked and served for 400+guests at 4 shelters. In addition a sweet treat of 350 cookies baked by EYAs were also  served to guests
    • Raised $ 350 during local Navratri celebration.
    • Represented India at Chinese New Year celebration in a local Buddist temple and raised $200 in the year 2019 and $800 in the year 2020
    • Volunteer rewards from the corporates of 2 adult volunteers brought additional $1500 to the chapter
    • Free Scratch Coding and Spanish language classes were offered to students during 2019 – summer break – peak of pandemic to engage kids creatively.
    • 226 pounds of halloween leftover candies were collected and provided as treats for troops

    EYA’s in Action