Ekam USA is supporting the urgent needs for COVID relief and protection in India due to the unexpected and sudden second wave across the country. All age groups are being affected and due to several different mutated virus strains the severity of the disease is high. Combined with the lack of oxygen, hospital beds, loss of livelihood opportunities, it is hard on daily wage workers. In addition to limited health care resources and access, expecting mothers and those with newborn babies are also turning COVID positive. EKAM is providing the resources, guidance, and education to handle this crisis.

    Ekam is working on multiple fronts to fight this crisis

    Emergency Nutrition Kits with dry rations for one month to help families of four, identifying those in the lowest socioeconomic status This kit contains rice, lentils, protein-rich food, cooking supplies, immunity boosters- vitamin C. Seeds and materials to start their own vegetable garden for sustainability

    COVID Protection Hygiene Kits for COVID prevention and protection with washable masks, soap, thermometer, educational material sanitary supplies to pregnant mothers and those with newborn babies, so they can care for their families

    $60 will provide a Nutrition AND COVID protection kit to a family of four

    Supporting local hospitals and village primary health centers with PPE kits, N-95 masks, sanitizers and pulse oximeters

    Several hospitals in different states are submitting requests to Ekam for reinforcement of COVID prevention and treatment supplies and life-saving equipment. Ekam works to provide the most urgent needs for these hospitals, in partnership with several local corporates as well.

    Livelihood opportunities to rural women in low socioeconomic status by – training to stitch masks, kangaroo sling pouches

    Updates from the EKAM ground staff

    • In Erode district, TN, old people without support system were served food as provided with shelter, by Ekam District Officer
    • The continuous effort and support of the Ekam staff working at the Institute of Child Health Hospital, Egmore, Chennai has helped to serve and treat 41,916 children in 2020-21 and sensitize the patients on child care. We sincerely appreciate and thank our donor, Mr. Ajay Agarwal and Ms. Garima Agarwal, RK industries for extending their support in paying salary for the 7 Ekam staff
    • As a part of Ekam Covid Care Initiative, we were able to facilitate and support Tiruvallur Medical College and Hospital with the generous donations provided by Dhvani foundation: 1000 PPE kits, 1000 N-95 masks, 1ECG Machine with 3 channel, 1 ECG Machine with 12 channel, 2 Defibrillator, 400 Gloves boxes and 50 Sterillium bottles.
    • 200 Oxygen flow meters to titrate the flow of oxygen donated to and installed at Chengalpattu Medical College,Tamil Nadu, India, one of the COVID hotspots
    • Nutritional kits distributed to marginalized and low socioeconomic groups facing food insecurity from loss of wages and lock down due to pandemic
    • Despite Covid-19 infection ravaging the country, EKAM workers have continued with their mission of providing antenatal and postnatal services with proper precautions
    • Breast feeding counseling and physiotherapy was provided to 39 Covid positive mothers and 202 high risk mothers at RSRM hospital Chennai in April 2021
    • Clown activities raising awareness on Maternal and Child Health care during COVID were conducted for mothers at Primary Health Care centers in Coimbatore
    • Distributing food packs during lock down in Coimbatore
    • We joined hands with the Abhyam team and donated 21 fingertip pulse oximeters for COVID care to RSRM Government Hospital, Chennai
    • 15 oxygen concentrators (10L) donated to Sri Krishna Seva samastha, Benguluru in collaboration with Asha-Jyothi. This institute is treating those who cannot afford COVID care at a subsidized rate. More oxygen concentrators and other medical equipment for COVID care donated to hospitals in Vijayawada, Vishakapatnam and Hyderabad
    • Hygiene kits have been distributed as a part of preventive care, against spread of COVID 19 infection
    • As a part of Ekam Covid Care Initiative, 20 multi-parameter and 1 Defibrillator to monitor the health of Covid-19 positive patients were delivered at Covid Care Center, Pune. Training on the usage of the same was provided to the doctors at the isolation ward at the center.
    • We have supplying, free of charge, oxygen concentrators for rent for Covid- 19 patients.
    • As a part of Ekam Covid Care Initiative, 500 N95 masks and 500 3 ply masks were supplied to TB hospital, Pulianthope, Chennai.
    • Ekam Foundation in association with Eicher Group Foundation donated to Adyar Cancer Hospital, Chennai. 500 PPE Kit, 1500 N95 Masks, 10,000 Masks were provided to benefit frontline health workers, patients and caretakers who visit the hospital.
    • As a part of the Ekam Covid Care, we provided 21 fingertip pulse oximeters to Government Raja Sir Ramaswamy Mudaliar (RSRM) Hospital, Chennai.
    • 200 units of Oxygen Flow Meters and 100 units of Oxygen Masks were provided to Government Chengalpattu Medical College, Tamil Nadu.
    • EKAM USA, Bay Area Chapter donated 25 Oxygen Flowmeter to Sick NewBorn Care Unit (SNCU) unit of Raja Mirasudar Government Hospital, Thanjavur District, TN.
    • High frequency Nasal Cannula, Multi Parameter without ETCO2, Electric Breast pump, Infantometer, Pulse oximeter, Digital weighing scale, O2 blender donated to Government Raja Sir Ramaswamy Mudaliar (RSRM) Hospital, Chennai.
    • Physiotherapy activities and exercise provided for 39 Covid positive pregnant women and mothers and 194 high risk mothers in RSRM HOSPITAL, Chennai under HCL project in April 2021
    • Breastfeeding counseling by lactation counselor provided for 39 Covid positive pregnant women and mothers and 202 high risk mothers in RSRM HOSPITAL in Chennai under HCL project in April 2021
    • Vulnerable communities are highly affected during Covid 2nd wave. Ekam Covid Care aims to Feed and Protect India. Ekam Coimbatore District Coordinator, initiated and provided 200 meals.
    • Kids Art Workshop – Psycho-social well being, was conducted in partnership with UNICEF, which had participation from 74 participants.
      Ekam foundation in collaboration with AMS solutions providing free oxygen concentrators for rent.
    • We have approval to set up 4 oxygen plants in Tamil Nadu, Hospitals, in partnership with Eicher
    • We have kick started COVID care project in partnership with HCL in Chennai, to provide Holistic support to pregnant women and health care workers.
    • With the support of the Cognizant Foundation and the Government of Maharashtra, Ekam was able to set up 100 oxygenated bedded Dedicated Covid Health Centers in Pune.
    • The health center was supported with O2 Piping and Supply, 100 Humidifiers, 500 Nebulizer mask for adults, 15 Empty Jumbo Oxygen Cylinder, 1 Defibrillator, 20 Multi-Parameter monitors,10 Thermo guns, 100 Mattresses, PPE Kits, Masks. This setup has been fully functional from 31st May 2021.
    • EKAM USA donated to provide Oxygen Concentrators to 7 Government Hospitals in Sivagangai, Ramanathapuram, Thiruvallur, Vellore, 2 in Tiruppur, and Perambalur districts in Tamil Nadu.

    Ekam is working 24 x 7 day-in and day-out with Ekam volunteers and partners to support the people and organizations in need during this crisis. Here are some video updates

    COVID Crisis in India an How Ekam helps

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    Ekam USA and COVID Relief

    An EYA’s call for Help

    During COVID first wave in 2020, Ekam provided nutrition kits to 1200 families and 2700 migrant workers in need 1000 families connected to Govt. schemes 120 people trained in livelihood opportunities 1575 student scholarships

    Ekam USA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We work with Ekam Foundation in India, which is a grassroots organization, with the – necessary background and expertise in handling healthcare situations – with staff on the ground to reach remote villages – as well as trained local village nurses and mentors who can reach those in need, and – digital platforms and educational videos/ apps to continue care for mothers and children during this crisis.

    Ekam’s experience during the first wave of COVID in 2020 has given us the experience to handle things swiftly during this critical time.

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