Ekam USA is supporting the urgent needs for COVID relief and protection in India due to the unexpected and sudden second wave across the country. All age groups are being affected and due to several different mutated virus strains the severity of the disease is high. Combined with the lack of oxygen, hospital beds, loss of livelihood opportunities, it is hard on daily wage workers. In addition to limited health care resources and access, expecting mothers and those with newborn babies are also turning COVID positive.

    Without the proper resources, guidance, and education, they are unable to handle the crisis.

    Ekam is working to provide

    Emergency Nutrition Kits with dry rations for one month to help families of four, identifying those in the lowest socioeconomic status This kit contains rice, lentils, protein-rich food, cooking supplies, immunity boosters- vitamin C. Seeds and materials to start their own vegetable garden for sustainability

    COVID Protection Hygiene Kits for COVID prevention and protection with washable masks, soap, thermometer, educational material sanitary supplies to pregnant mothers and those with newborn babies, so they can care for their families

    $60 will provide a Nutrition AND COVID protection kit to a family of four

    Supporting local hospitals and village primary health centers with PPE kits, N-95 masks, sanitizers and pulse oximeters

    Several hospitals in different states are submitting requests to Ekam for reinforcement of COVID prevention and treatment supplies and life-saving equipment. Ekam works to provide the most urgent needs for these hospitals, in partnership with several local corporates as well.

    Livelihood opportunities to rural women in low socioeconomic status by – training to stitch masks, kangaroo sling pouches

    During COVID first wave in 2020, Ekam provided nutrition kits to 1200 families and 2700 migrant workers in need 1000 families connected to Govt. schemes 120 people trained in livelihood opportunities 1575 student scholarships

    Ekam USA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We work with Ekam Foundation in India, which is a grassroots organization, with the – necessary background and expertise in handling healthcare situations – with staff on the ground to reach remote villages – as well as trained local village nurses and mentors who can reach those in need, and – digital platforms and educational videos/ apps to continue care for mothers and children during this crisis.

    Ekam’s experience during the first wave of COVID in 2020 has given us the experience to handle things swiftly during this critical time.

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    Support Ekam's Urgent COVID relief initiatives in India

    • India is facing an escalating health crisis, with its 2nd wave of virus infection spreading across the country and hitting record highs
    • Doctors, Paramedics & Front-line health workers serving in government hospitals are facing a lack of Protective PPE kits, Key Supplies, Critical Equipment for Isolation wards and Vital drugs
    • The already strained healthcare infrastructure is overstretched and there is a fear that the gains made under maternal and child health over the last few years may be lost