EKAM New Orleans Project: Provide food & support for homeless shelters in New Orleans

      1. A growing number of homeless people in New Orleans were lacking necessary food and supplies, especially due to the effects of Covid-19. The immediate need for food increased by more than 40%. Therefore, the EYA of New Orleans created a goal of $1000 to support the New Orleans Mission Homeless Shelter and the Second Harvest Food Bank.
      2. Every member of the New Orleans EKAM youth group raised money through this Caring crowd online fundraiser as well as collected food donations. Local food drives were organized where neighbors can donate canned goods.
      3. Outcome: $1,260 was raised by our EYA and was given to the New Orleans Mission Homeless Shelter and Second Harvest Food Bank. All the canned goods collected were successfully delivered to the Second Harvest Food Bank.

    Ekam New Orleans India projects

    Hitesh Mallula, Ekam Youth Ambassador, did Python tutoring during the summer of 2020 and raised $1100 to support Sustainable WellBeing Initiative projects in the adopted district Trichy in Tamil Nadu- including health screening and follow up of high risk pregnant women, medical camps for children, teaching pregnant women and school children to raise their own free, organic vegetables to improve their nutritional status through Nutri-Garden projects, etc