EKAM UTD was founded in Spring 2019. Since then, our mission has been to raise awareness and funds towards providing comprehensive healthcare to mothers and children in rural Indian communities. We collaborate with organizations such as EKAM USA, Wipe Out Kids Cancer, and Feed My Starving Children to accomplish our goals of improving the health and wellbeing of all members of our population.

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    Chapter Contacts

    Reshma Soundharrajan

    Chapter Coordinator | UT Dallas | EKAM USA

    Activities & Fund Collection Drives

    Child nutrition in undeveloped countries

    Need/Challenge- children in underdeveloped countries don’t have access to healthy food to nourish them during crucial developmental periods of growth Approach/Solution - Packed nutritious meals to send to families in [...]

    Mental health education and outreach

    Need/Challenge- stigma and misconceptions surrounding mental health are still prevalent, many young people are unsure of how to take care of their mental well being Approach/Solution - Held Sanjeevani 4U [...]

    Community Youth Education Initiative

    Need/Challenge- Need to help youth in our community with their college education plans, guide them to accomplishing their career goals Approach/Solution - Held college FAQ webinar: college students sharing their [...]

    Cancer Health Awareness Campaign

    Need/Challenge- cancer patients (women and children especially) are in need of support emotionally, financially, and medically Approach/Solution - Made 135+ encouragement cards with nonprofit organizations Wipe Out Kids Cancer and [...]

    Thanksgiving CardGram Fundraiser

    Need/Challenge: In rural areas, adolescent girls lack education on menstrual and reproductive health Approach/Solution: sold 70 cards, raised $140 by selling personalized e-cards Impact/Outcome: most successful fundraiser yet, done fully [...]

    From the Heart – Fundraiser

    Need/ Challenge - Adolescent girls lacking health education in rural areas, awareness of this is low in developed countries Approach / Solution- Use art to spread awareness and attract buyers. [...]



    EYAs are participating in MediClown workshop

    EYAs are participating in MediClown workshop

    EYAs are participating in the Gavel Club

    Several of our EYA’s are enthusiastically particpating in the virtual Gavel club