EKAM UTD was founded in Spring 2019. Since then, our mission has been to raise awareness and funds towards providing comprehensive healthcare to mothers and children in rural Indian communities. We collaborate with organizations such as EKAM USA, Wipe Out Kids Cancer, and Feed My Starving Children to accomplish our goals of improving the health and wellbeing of all members of our population.

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    Chapter Contacts

    EKAM UT Dallas Coordinator

    Chapter Coordinator | UT Dallas | EKAM USA

    Activities & Fund Collection Drives

    EKAM South Jersey Shoe Drive

    Most of us kids here in the USA are privileged to have various kinds of footwear. Few for school, few for sports, and few just for fun.  Nearly 1 billion [...]

    Fighting Hunger in South New Jersey During Covid-19

    Covid-19 hit America like a wrecking ball, devastating the economy and causing many people to suffer. We were seeing many people needing food from the food bank: cars stretching for [...]

    EKAM South Jersey “Give the Gift of Warmth”

    Winter is the time of the year where snow falls and chills grow. While we are enjoying a snow day, many people are exposed to this cold without any protective [...]

    Create sustainable health and wellbeing in Seethapuram

    Need Studies have shown that maternal and infant deaths can be attributed to many factors including extreme poverty. The costs associated with getting tests required for diagnosis of illness and [...]



    EYAs are participating in MediClown workshop

    EYAs are participating in MediClown workshop

    EYAs are participating in the Gavel Club

    Several of our EYA’s are enthusiastically particpating in the virtual Gavel club