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    Every Child deserves to have a healthy start in life and every Mother should have access to quality healthcare during pregnancy and childbirth. Every Child has the right to Quality Healthcare

    URGENT COVID Relief - $15k Matching

    Ekam USA is supporting the urgent needs for COVID relief and protection in India due to the unexpected and sudden second wave across the country. All age groups are being affected and due to several different mutated virus strains the severity of the disease is high. Combined with the lack of oxygen, hospital beds, loss of livelihood opportunities, it is hard on daily wage workers. In addition to limited health care resources and access, expecting mothers and those with newborn babies are also turning COVID positive. Without the proper resources, guidance, and education, they are unable to handle the crisis.

    Emergency Oxygen Concentrators

    Help India Breathe!

    Due to the sudden surge, the cases and deaths have been increasing astronomically. Patients that could be saved are dying due to a lack of Oxygen. We need your support to procure Oxygen Concentrators in this medical emergency. Ekam has received requests from hospitals all across India for Oxygen Concentrators and other essentials like PPE. Due to lack of funds and lack of availability in India, we are obtaining from overseas vendors, for about $950 per each Concentrator.

    Facebook Fundraiser for COVID Relief

    Given the urgency of COVID situation in India, and to accelerate fundraising, a generous donor has issued a challenge grant of up to $10000, that provides 100% match to all donations. DONATE NOW to provide life-saving medical care, COVID protection kits and Nutrition kits to those in need during the critical second COVID wave in India affecting all ages and with rampant spread. $60 provides rations for 1 month and COVID protection kit for a family of 4. Ekam is reinforcing hospital medical supplies and equipment where needed.

    (Your efforts and donations at work on the ground)

    Medical equipment support

    200 Oxygen flow meters to titrate the flow of oxygen donated to and installed at Chengalpattu Medical College,Tamil Nadu, India, one of the COVID hotspots

    Nutrition Kits Distribution

    Nutritional kits distributed to marginalized and low socioeconomic groups facing food in food insecurity from loss of wages and lock down due to pandemic.

    Maternal and Childcare Activities

    Despite Covid-19 infection ravaging the country, EKAM workers have continued with their mission of providing antenatal and postnatal services with proper precautions.

    • Breast feeding counseling and physiotherapy was provided to 39 Covid positive mothers and 202 high risk mothers at RSRM hospital Chennai in April 2021.
    • Clown activities raising awareness on Maternal and Child Health care during COVID were conducted for mothers at Primary Health Care centers in Coimbatore.


    Ekam USA COVID Care Initiative

    Ekam USA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We work with Ekam Foundation in India, which is a grassroots organization, with the
    – necessary background and expertise in handling healthcare situations
    – with staff on the ground to reach remote villages
    – as well as trained local village nurses and mentors who can reach those in need, and
    – digital platforms and educational videos/ apps to continue care for mothers and children during this crisis.

    Ekam’s experience during the first wave of COVID in 2020 has given us the experience to handle things swiftly during this critical time.’

    Join Ekam USA for URGENT COVID relief in this humanitarian effort

    Help India Breathe!

    Due to the sudden surge, the cases and deaths have been increasing astronomically. Patients that could be saved are dying due to a lack of Oxygen. We need your support to procure 316 Oxygen Concentrators in this medical emergency, to support hospitals across India, including AIIMS in Delhi, hospitals in Pune, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, Telanagana and Chattisgarh. Each concentrator can save many lives. TIME IS OF ESSENCE to procure funds and place orders due to shortages.

    Urgent COVID relief

    URGENT COVID relief- Due to loss of livelihood, thousands are facing food insecurity. Help Ekam provide urgent food supplies, $25 for a family of 4, COVID protection kids to COVID positive mothers, PPE, N 95 masks, gloves and equipment to hospitals. 100% of your donation goes to the project as Ekam USA does not have any admin costs

    Hospital support- Oxygen, PPE, N 95 masks, Equipment

    SUPPORTING local hospitals and village primary health centers with Oxygen Concentrators, PPE kits, N-95 masks, Sanitizers , Pulse oximeters, Hospital beds, Medications ,Lab supplies, High flow Oxygen Nasal Cannulas, Surgical masks, Cadaver bags, Wheelchairs, Stretchers etc

    Emergency Nutrition Kits

    EMERGENCY NUTRITION KITS with dry rations for 1 month to help families of 4, identifying those in the lowest socioeconomic status in villages. Each kit contains rice, lentils, protein-rich food, cooking supplies, immunity boosters- vitamin C and seeds and materials to start their own vegetable garden for sustainability

    Covid Protection Kits

    Each kit contains washable masks, soap, thermometer, educational material, sanitary supplies to pregnant mothers and those with newborn babies, so they can care for their families

    Maternal/ Child Health Care during COVID

    Livelihood opportunities to rural women in low socioeconomic status by – training to stitch masks- providing income and masks for distribution to those in need.
    – kangaroo sling pouches for mothers to carry babies with low birth weight to improve their health- training and material provided in a safe environment provide an earning opportunity to the women

    Sustainable Well Being Initiative

    Our health-centric community improvement initiatives focus on the dynamic relationship between health, socioeconomic conditions, and environmental resources.

    Strengthening Healthcare Facilities

    We work to improve maternal and child health in India by upgrading and maintaining healthcare facilities and training hospital staff in government hospitals.

    Save a Child Project

    Ekam provides lifesaving, timely and quality medical care to children from families that cannot afford health care.

    Synergy and Collaboration

    We work with government and like minded institutions in public and private sectors in unity to advance our goal of improving maternal and child health.

    Ekam USA Chapters

    Ekam USA Chapters are being setup all across the United States. currently we have more than 15 chapters. The Chapters have worked together to complete more than 115 projects together. These projects support the mission of EKAM both in India and the United States

    Ekam Youth Amabassadors

    The EKAM Youth Ambassador program is the flagship initiative of EKAM USA to develop a lifelong penchant for service among the youth. Through service activities , EYA’s develop empathy towards others who are not as blessed in health, wealth and material well-being. EYA’s plan , lead and execute projects to serve the undeserved and downtrodden both here in the states and India. EYA’s strive hard to generate funds to drive these projects.

    EKAM USA Current Activities

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