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Los Angeles

The EKAM Los Angeles is a group of students who have been inspired by EKAM's work to support underprivileged children, women, and individuals in need during times of crisis. Our primary objective is to strengthen the existing public health system and address its gaps, ultimately leading to sustainable well-being within the community. We aim to achieve this in a cost-effective manner by actively involving community members and holding them accountable for their health improvement. With a multi-pronged and grassroots approach, supported by our dedicated volunteers, we strive to make a positive impact.

We are deeply committed to supporting individuals in becoming active and thriving members of society, while also respecting and preserving their cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We driven to serve most vulnerable people in the San Joaquin Valley, Southern California, Central Valley, South India, and Mulanji District in Malawi.

Our specific goals include:

  • Medical Care, Education, and Financial Independence: We focus on providing quality medical care, education, and opportunities for financial independence, with a particular emphasis on women and children.
  • Sustainable and Impactful Projects: We aim to create long-term and sustainable solutions through impactful projects that uplift and empower vulnerable communities.
  • Equal Access to Quality Services: We believe that every individual, regardless of their socio-economic status, race, or gender, has the right to receive quality medical care, education, and the opportunity to become self-reliant.
  • Holistic Approach: We adopt a holistic approach that focuses on the well-being of the entire family, with special attention given to children and their mothers.
  • Collaboration with Non-Profit Organizations: We seek to establish a consortium of various non-profit organizations to provide comprehensive assistance to families in need, aiming to improve their overall well-being beyond their current state.

Through our collective efforts, we strive to bring about positive change and improve the quality of life for marginalized and underprivileged communities.


Archana Sudamalla

Chapter Director

Advait Kartik

Youth Coordinator

Goal: $5,000.00
Collected: $576.00


If you are interested in learning more about the EKAM Way to help underprivileged children or being part of EKAM, please register as Volunteer. We will get in touch with you to provide more details.


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Donating towards causes that you care about not only benefits the society as a whole but is also deeply rewarding for you.


EKAM Los Angeles Fundraiser

Our organization is dedicated to reinforcing and improving the existing public health system to achieve sustainable well-being within the community. We prioritize identifying gaps in healthcare and bridging them effectively, all while maintaining cost-effectiveness. We believe in engaging community members and making them accountable for their health improvement through a grassroots approach. Our dedicated staff and volunteers play a vital role in implementing our multi-pronged strategies. 

Our Programs Include:

  • Mother/Child Health Education Programs: We conduct two camps at a cost of $100, focusing on comprehensive education and training for maternal and child health.
  • Menstrual Hygiene and Sanitation: We provide comprehensive education and training on menstrual hygiene and sanitation, along with essential supplies such as sanitary pads, hygiene materials, and personal care items. This program is specifically implemented in rural areas of Krishna & Prakasham Districts, slums of Machilipatnam and Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, Chengalpattu, Kanchipuram District, in South Indian and rural communities of Mulanje District in Malawi, with a cost of $35 per girl child.
  • Bicycle Bank: Our initiative aims to prevent low-income girl students from dropping out of school due to transportation issues. We rent bikes to these students and ensure their continued access to education. The bikes are held with the school and passed on to future students, making it a sustainable investment. Each bike costs $70 and is implemented in Andhra Pradesh, India and in Malawi.
  • In-Home Medical Alert bracelet for Older Adults: Cater specifically to the needs of older adults, ensuring their safety and well-being around the clock. The cost is $55 .
  • Mental Health Yoga Sessions: We organize yoga sessions to promote holistic well-being and support mental wellness. The cost is $25 per session.
  • Hemophilia Medical Bracelets: We provide hemophilia medical bracelets at a cost of $35 each.
  • Reverse Osmosis Plants: We install and maintain Reverse Osmosis plants in drought-stricken villages to provide safe drinking water. The cost of implementing each plant is $3000.
  • Therapy Supplies for Special Needs Children: In partnership with Jayam Special School in Chennai, we provide sensory training materials, weighted blankets, and fidget toys to support children with ADHD and Autism. This program aims to enhance their development and well-being.
  • Medical Kits for Bedridden Cerebral Palsy Patients: We provide monthly medical kits that include essential supplies like urine bags, diapers, Betadine, cotton, spirit, jelly, hydrogen peroxide solution, and patient-specific needs. These kits support the care of bedridden cerebral palsy patients in Andhra and Telangana.
  • Nutrigarden Initiative: This program focuses on training school children, staff, and mothers to grow their own nutritious organic produce, preventing malnutrition. Each garden costs $120 to establish in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, India and in Malawi.
  • Medical Camps in Villages: We organize medical camps, costing $200 per camp, to enable early diagnosis and intervention for children. For example, we screen premature babies for retinopathy, a condition that can lead to blindness if left untreated. So far, our efforts have helped 33 babies regain their vision, with 1,500 children screened across multiple villages.
  • Providing Life-Saving Equipment to Remote Primary Health Centers: We equip primary health centers in remote villages with life-saving medical equipment, ensuring accessible healthcare for these underserved communities.
  • Emergency  relief efforts

Through these programs, we strive to create a positive impact on the overall well-being of individuals and communities, while respecting their cultural and ethnic identities.

    Goal: $3,000.00
    Collected: $7,832.00

    Project Malawi

    Raising funds for adolescent training and girl empowerment camps in Malawi in East Africa. The aim of this campaign is to improve the living standards of the most vulnerable and marginalized members of the Malawi community, including orphans, girls, extremely poor women, and patients with incurable diseases such as AIDS, cancer, and others requiring palliative care.

    We are working towards this by empowering girls in rural villages and investing in their future through access to education and community programs. We intend to provide various forms of support, including: paying for a month's education, school uniforms, an entire school year of education, bicycles to get to school, and even sending a girl to university for a year or through college after high school.

    Overall, the goal is to transform the lives of those who are most in need in the community.

    Goal: $5,000.00
    Collected: $5,034.98

    Our Youth Ambassadors

    Ved Kartik Dhruv Jogani Ayaan Bharuka Hudson Coon
    Kristoffer Ward Sanjith Muthu Kumaran Thanuj Komatireddy Christopher Bae
    Kathryn Coon Aarush Shah Alexander Bae Dhiya Jogani
    Dhrupali Bharkua Pamita Jogani Sarah Macwan Shweta Shah 
    Vijaya MacwanJustin JeongMarin JeongKaren Jeong

    Ongoing Programs

    Youth Ambassador

    The Ekam Youth Ambassador program is a service-based initiative that empowers young people ages 8 to 21 to volunteer in their local communities and help in promoting Ekam’s mission.Read More

    Adult Volunteer

    In consideration of Ekam USA allowing everyone to participate in volunteering opportunities and being aware of the possible injuries or harm that could occur as a result of this participation Read More

    Our Chapter Efforts in India

    Chapter Activities 

    Chapter Activities 

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