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In 2023, the "EKAM Columbus" chapter was revitalized with a distinct mission: to establish collaborative partnerships with other local non-profit organizations for community service projects. These projects encompass diverse activities, including charity stalls, food drives, and clean-up events, all carefully designed to actively involve young individuals in hands-on community service. The overarching goal is twofold: to impart essential skills to the youth, including project management, public speaking, leadership and teamwork, while also instilling the motivation required for them to effectively utilize their voices and platforms. This empowerment enables them to raise awareness and drive positive change, all the while nurturing a profound sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

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Ongoing Programs

Youth Ambassador

The Ekam Youth Ambassador program is a service-based initiative that empowers young people ages 8 to 21 to volunteer in their local communities and help in promoting Ekam’s mission. Read More

Adult Volunteer

In consideration of Ekam USA allowing everyone to participate in volunteering opportunities and being aware of the possible injuries or harm that could occur as a result of this participation Read More

Zoom into STEM

Need/ Challenge - Zoom into STEM - Science kit donations and lab assistance for Elementary and Middle School kids Approach / Solution- Ekam Atlanta project has been selected  Read More

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