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Ekam Youth Ambassador (EYA)

The Ekam Youth Ambassador program empowers young people ages 8 to 21 to

  • Volunteer in their local communities.
  • Help support Ekam’s mission to improve mother and child healthcare.
  • Preventive health in Indian villages.

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The EKAM Youth Ambassador program is the flagship initiative of EKAM USA for EYAs to develop a lifelong penchant for service among the youth and develop empathy towards others in need.

They are the  EKAM Soul force that takes Ekam forward with the with core values of

  • Oneness
  • Truth
  • Compassion
  • Self-Obsolescence


Build the spirit of volunteerism in youth

Develop responsibility, leadership and commitment to goals

There are many Tangible benefits:

  • Nomination to prestigious President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) if required criteria are met.
  • Participate in informative and educative Training programs/ Webinars.
  • Leadership opportunity to create a workshop to help pursue your passion and build confidence
  • Receive discounts from our partners (example: tuition waiver up-to $500 on ACT or SAT training)
  • Receive guidance on Grant Writing and College Essay Writing
  • Organize volunteering or fundraising drives end-to-end from planning to achieving your targets, with your chapter support

EYA Program Activities

Adopt a District

  • Each Ekam USA local chapter adopts one district in India 
  • Raise funds to support Sustainable Well Being Initiative (SWBI), which includes community empowerment activities for preventive health
  • District Officer and Staff from the district give periodic updates of progress made in ongoing projects to respective EYAs and Chapter Leads.
  • Update on variety of projects in which EYAs participate are presented at a monthly national Zoom call.

Local Service Opportunities

Each chapter can choose different locally available service activities.

Ekam is open to working with other organizations.

EYAs can bring their ideas to the table and have chapter support these projects.

EYA volunteer have participated activities in previous years such as

  • Serving at soup kitchens or food banks
  • Participating in health fairs / local events / awareness activities
  • Organizing Food / Clothing / Book drives
  • Candy drive for Veterans
  • Organizing 5K runs
  • Various fund raising events & Gala events
  • Volunteering in India

President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)

  • Ekam is certified to nominate EYAs to the prestigious President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)
  • EYAs are eligible if they meet  guidelines 
  • For more details, please check volunteering guidelines under EYA Resources after you register as volunteer

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Upcoming events

    • 05/18/2022
    • 05/23/2025
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    • Member benefits in addition you making a difference to rural community in India to reduce neonate, infant and pregnant women mortality rate.
    • All Ekam events 50% off across US
    5K (local)/Art
    Skills developments
    College Planning
    • Two recommendation letters per year from Chapter Director, any giving back project executed
    • Recognition in National Newsletter
    • Value Circle Certificate

    Please click the link to know more from the recorded video on our launch call.

    EYA Testimonials

    Swaha Roy: Ekam Austin Chapter: As one of the founding Ekam Youth Ambassadors of the Austin Chapter, I have had the incredible opportunity to work together with other EYA’s raising over $7,000 for hospitals in Tirunelveli.

    In the past three years, I have grow as a leader, teammate and volunteer. I know that I will use these lessons in college and beyond!

    Shreya Sripada
    Jerome Fisher Management & Technology Program
    Wharton & Engg School

    As an EKAM Youth Ambassador, I joined a team of dedicated individuals who cared about the community around us and about healthcare in communities on the other side of the world. Even during the pandemic, EKAM allowed me to find ways to work with a cohort of like-minded individuals concerned about what the COVID-19 shutdown will do to underprivileged sections of society in our Bay Area and globally in India. We were able to band together to create fundraisers based on Zoom Learning and became adept at online fundraising for various projects funded by EKAM. EKAM gave me encouragement and a platform to stand on and look beyond my own world and find opportunities to make a difference. Ultimately, these enriching experiences helped me become the person that I am that is not reflected in just my high school transcript or just on my application. As part of EKAM’s value circle, I had unique leadership experiences and gained immense knowledge that allowed me to show my potential as a global citizen. This, I believe, allowed me to stand out in my college applications.

    As I look forward to graduating high school and look back, I can't help but think about how important a role EKAM played in my high school Journey.

    Isha Goel: I am a rising senior at Tulane University. EKAM USA has played an integral part in my life and has shaped me as a person. EKAM’s mission to provide quality healthcare to needy children and mothers in India, is one that I care deeply about and have spent the past 6 years contributing towards. One of the first fundraising experiences I had was by raising money at my sweet 16. I had given a PowerPoint presentation to spread awareness about EKAM as an organization and all it does to provide medical care for the underprivileged in India. I donated all of my gift money to the organization. This experience of giving reminded me of my blessings and how important it is to share it with others. Another fundraising experience I had was through the Indian Physicians of Florida (IPOF). By spreading awareness EKAM stands for, IPOF was able to assist me in my efforts in raising money to support COVID-19 case centers in India. In total, we were able to raise more than 5,000 dollars, which was used towards oxygen concentrators as well us other important medical supplies. All in all, EKAM has made a huge difference in my life and has reinforced my desire to give back.

Past events

03/30/2024 Mindfulness 4 Success
12/22/2023 Indian Food Fundraiser - 2023
10/21/2023 Ekam Bay Area fundraiser to sponsor cataract surgeries
09/30/2023 Goal-Setting and Achievement with Power Statements Zoom Webinar
07/31/2023 MeDiClown Funshop
07/12/2023 Introduction to Python by Anushka
07/05/2023 Aditi's Calligraphy Class [for ages 8-13]
07/01/2023 Weekly Summer AMC10 Course
06/27/2023 6th grade Math by Arshea
06/18/2023 EkamUSA New Jersey 2023 5K Run
06/01/2023 Math and Piano Tutoring
04/22/2023 Sponsor a tree for $10
04/04/2023 Annual Bake Sale Fundraiser
01/15/2023 ACT CrashCourse Bootcamp
10/15/2022 Ekam Bay Area fundraiser to Sponsor a Prosthetic Limb
10/06/2022 Indian Food Fundraiser
10/01/2022 ACT Crash Course Bootcamp
07/13/2022 Challenger League of Legends Coaching
07/09/2022 CHESS by Siddharth Senthil USCF RATING : 1457
07/05/2022 Project-based Python Tutoring by Anagha
07/04/2022 Summer Math Tutoring
07/03/2022 Speech & Debate by Srishti
06/30/2022 Kids Cartooning Workshop by Navneet Krishna
06/29/2022 Playful Programming with Python by Srishti
06/27/2022 HTML/CSS Tutoring by Spoorthi
06/26/2022 Bollywood Fusion Dance Classes
06/26/2022 Bollywood Fusion Dance Classes with Tanvi
06/23/2022 Coding Camp
06/20/2022 Summer Reading and Writing Workshop
06/19/2022 EkamUSA New Jersey 2022 5K Run
06/16/2022 Summer AMC 8 Course by Anish Ghosh
06/05/2022 Piano Lessons by Anika Garg
12/05/2021 Presidential Volunteer Service Award Ceremony!
10/14/2021 DiwaliFest
07/04/2021 Live Auction
06/27/2021 New Jersey 5k Run 2021
06/10/2021 College Application and Counseling Live Webinar
06/04/2021 National EYA / Chapter Call- Ekam USA
08/01/2020 Online Awareness session on "Breastfeeding during the pandemic"

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