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Hanumakonda Prosthetic Limb Camp

To improve the quality of life for Disabled Adults/Children of lower income groups, EKAM USA/EKAM Columbus chapter partnered with Chetana Foundation to donate 105 prosthetic limbs for a medical camp in Hanumakonda. EKAM is committed to improving the quality of life of lower-income disabled people by funding Artificial Limbs to improve mobility to manage daily activities, as well as provide the means to stay independent.

Date(s) of Service : December 2023

Location : India, Telangana, Hanumakonda

Beneficiaries : Disabled People with financial need

Number of Beneficiaries : 105

Implementing Partner : 



EKAM Los Angeles

EKAM Indianapolis

EKAM New Jersey

EKAM Little Rock

EKAM Columbus

EKAM Bay Area

EKAM Dallas/Frisco, TX

Amount Donated

Ekam Indianapolis, IN $2,145

Ekam Columbus , OH $2,500

Ekam New Jersey, NJ $1,500

Ekam Little Rock, AR $1,100

Ekam Bay Area, CA $825

Ekam Dallas/Frisco, TX $240

Ekam Los Angeles, CA $60

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