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ACT SAT Prep Process

  1. Sign up as EYA.
  2. You MUST be an Ekam Youth Ambassador.
  3.  To receive the discount- SIGN UP HERE https://tinyurl.com/ekameya.
  4. You cannot receive the discount code until sign up as EYA,
    We will email you once the code is ready.
  5. Then fill out this Prep Interest Form.
  6. Receive the code within a week, sign up within 2 weeks.

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Do I Have To Buy The Prep If I Fill The Form?
Filling this form is not binding in any way but is only to show your interest, so we can inform Prep Expert- Ekam will not share this information with anyone except Prep Expert.
How Do I Get My Discount Code?
Once you are signed up as an Ekam Youth Ambassador, we will email you the discount code in about one week. Codes cannot be sent over the weekend. Forms submitted over the weekend will be addressed the next monday or tuesday.

If you are planning to start the course within a week, you can email youth@ekamusa.org with subject line TEST PREP (and the expected start date if you are starting within a week) requesting your unique discount code, valid only for the registered student, valid only for one use. IT CANNOT BE SHARED WITH ANYONE and if shared, may disqualify the discount for you.

Prep Expert and Ekam USA reserve the right to cancel the discount if the criteria are not satisfied- to be signed up as an EYA and use the code as advised.

do not call prep expert directly to get your code
How do i sign up as ekam youth ambassador (eya)?
Please use this form to sign up to be an EYA: https://tinyurl.com/ekameya
Why do i need to sign up as eya?
You have to join Ekam as an Ekam Youth Volunteer (EYA) through this form to qualify for this discount - as the test prep discount is one of the benefits offered to only as part of the EYA program. EYA is a program that provides opportunities for volunteering, service hours, resources for fundraising and provides workshops and tools to help kids in their career/resume development while promoting volunteerism.

Ekam USA provides life-saving medical care for children and mothers in need- locally in the USA and in India. Our mission is that "No child should be denied health care due to financial reasons". www.ekamusa.org
What is the cost of the prep?
Prep Expert is an online ACT/ SAT Prep developed by Shaan Patel through Shark Tank after he had perfect scores, using his strategies. Good program. See Reviews online at www.prepexpert.com.

Most ACT or SAT courses are priced at $999. As an Ekam youth ambassador, you will receive a DISCOUNT OF $500. So if your course if $999, it will cost $499. If the course is priced higher, it will reflect a $500 discount.

Signing up early is advised, as the price may increase once the class is almost full. Classes are filling up fast for the summer session. Again, you are able to change the class date anytime before it starts.
What if i want to use it next year?
You can BUY NOW and USE LATER if you wish, next year or later. You will need to choose a date and purchase the course for the last offered course. It is your responsibility to call Prep Expert before that date and ask to change the start date. Ekam USA does not have any knowledge of your course dates and we do not have any liability to remind you.
Is there a deadline to buy the prep?
MUST PURCHASE PREP USING THE GIVEN CODE within 2 weeks of receiving the code.
Is there a money back guarantee?
No money back or 200 point increase (for sat) & 4 point increase (for act) guarantee due to the deeply discounted price given
When do classes start?
Multiple sessions are available at www.prepexpert.com for you to choose. Classes begin depending on the start date you choose. You must sign up using the discount code by JUNE 30TH.
How long is the program? What is the format?
Prep Expert Program

online classes by master instructors trained in the curriculum standard format 6 weeks
3-hour class twice a week - you can choose one of multiple sessions, starting on multiple dates
Homework due before next class
Weekly practice test
Grading of essays (10 during 6 weeks)
Price is for ACT or SAT not for both
Questions can be asked during the online class in chat box- depending on the number of kids, they will try to answer them
E-Books are provided with strategies that can be used for review
The recordings of the classes will be available for 60 days after the 6 week course
Please see the prep expert website for any other details www.prepexpert.com or their you tube videos
Recordings of the classes will be available for a period after the course if complete.

If your child is interested in online learning format, it is a good course.

It is suggested by some to take SAT or ACT the summer after 10th grade and focus on the other aspects of college applications in 11th grade. So if you have a rising 10th or 11th grader, it is appropriate to do the prep at this time.

The kids can utilize this time of lockdown to improve their knowledge this summer, as they are usually busy at other times with school and activities, so may not be able to dedicate so much time for the course.
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