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Baton Rouge Recent Updates

  • 05/11/2021 10:34 AM | EKAM USA


    Group homes take in kids that are in need of a safe space. These kids face many challenges from abandonment to the lack of a loving family environment. They do not have access to many necessities and do not receive gifts they wish for during the holidays. These kids are in need of clothing, towels, masks, books, board games, stuffed animals, and gifts during this Christmas season.


    The EYAs made a flyer as well as an engaging video to bring awareness to this issue. We made a GoFundMe to provide for basic necessities as well as gifts on the children’s wish list, and each EYA reached out to as many people as possible to raise this money. Additionally, each EYA pitched in to donate their clothes, toys, and books as well.


    After a month of collecting donations, Ekam was able to raise 2200 dollars for kids living in group homes in our area. We were able to get the girls stuffed animals, clothes, makeup, pajamas, towels, blankets, books, and mp3 players to make their Christmas one to remember. We were also able to get the boys Xbox games, Xbox controllers, Legos, toy cars, clothes, and punching bags for Christmas. When we went to drop the gifts off, each child was given a Christmas treat bag with homemade cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, and Oreos dipped in chocolate. We were met with huge smiles and thank you’s from the children and staff members. These kids were thrilled with the amount of presents they received. The donations allowed Ekam to provide gifts and necessities for almost 30 underprivileged children this Christmas.


  • 03/18/2021 10:26 AM | EKAM USA

    Sai Kodali and Baton Rouge EYA organized this event to spread awareness about Ekam and to raise funds to help children in need. Sai Kodali- For the Carnival Fundraiser I decided to have different types of activities because I wanted for the person giving the donation to get something out of it. So,we set up several games and booths where people could earn tickets for prizes, a table where we sold jewelry and books, and an auction where people could bid on items. Overall it was a fun and rewarding experience and by the end of it we raised $1280.

  • 08/04/2020 9:28 AM | EKAM USA

    Abhay, Neil, Sneha and Sohan

    These youth ambassadors donated their birthday and in lieu of gifts, asked their friends and family to donate to the cause they believe in. They truly understand the needs of sick children and have the spirit of giving to be able to give up their gifts to help someone.

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