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05/16/2022 7:28 PM | Durga Lakshmi Mohana Krishnan

Ashriya Suddala

Have you ever wondered what goes on on the other side of the world? You see the news, you read the papers, and you care; but can you do more? Well, that is what I wanted to know when I joined Ekam. And the answer is yes!

These four years have taught me skills that I can use for the rest of my life, and even if I can’t do them especially well now; I still have a few years right?Throughout my experience at Ekam USA I have done a multitude of things: fundraisers, community service. And I had fun doing it! Speaking of volunteering events, here are a few specific ones that I think benefited me; and you too if you try!

From simply standing with a board to selling jewelry, fundraising can help get rid of any remaining timidity. I used to be the most reserved kid in my school, but after talking to people of all different age groups, places, genders, I learned there’s nothing to be scared of at all. And while that may seem like a stretch now, I can promise you it’s not. Even when I write up an online campaign, I learn how to communicate with people’s emotions even without the accentuation of my words, while also retaining the most important information. And in the end, it doesn’t really matter if you’re shy (If I’m being honest, I still am), you still gain the skills you are going to need in the future, at least how to implement them in a way that benefits you. (And even if you don’t, you can always teach someone else)

Community service is exactly what it sounds like, service to your community (and others of course). Here is where that rush comes from, the feeling of doing good for your home, and others (like a superhero if I do say so myself). And like the fantastical heroes out there, you want to feel it again. And it never goes away, no matter how many times you do it. Whether it be teaching kids about science or making food for the homeless shelters in the area, you feel like you can help anyone. Even the smaller things like writing cards to elderly homes when they have lost contact due to the pandemic, let’s you know that you helped someone and made their day just the smallest bit better. 

When I first joined Ekam, I- being the eleven year old that I was- didn’t exactly notice what exactly I was doing. I just went with the flow and did the tasks they gave me. But as I grew older, as did my volunteering group, I saw what I was doing actually had an effect on other people. Safe to say that snapped me out of it real quick. I started to put thought into my actions regarding volunteering and really anything I did. I started to put effort and thought into my daily actions. I think you can do the same, no matter your age. You can help people all over the world be healthy, and happy, because after all, Healthy Child. Healthy Community is Ekam’s motto.

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