Emergency Nutrition Kits
Covid Care Initiative


Ekam played a key role in identifying families in the lowest socio-economic status and provided them with Emergency Nutrition Kits and dry rations for one month. This kit contains rice, lentils, protein-rich food, cooking supplies, immunity boosters like vitamin C, etc. The kit also contains seeds and materials to start their own vegetable garden for sustainability.

Donation Campaign

Ekam has been active in COVID relief activities in India. We have provided urgent grocery support and equipment to hospitals. Now we are preparing for the third wave. Children are being affected by the delta variant of COVID. Hospitals are not equipped to support children. Multiple public hospitals are in need of pediatric ICU strengthening and reaching out to Ekam for help.

Goal: $10,000.00
Collected: $2,314.00

COVID Relief Updates

Updates from the EKAM ground staff:

  • Ekam provided nutrition kits to 1200 families and 2700 migrant workers in need, connected 1000 families to Govt. schemes, trained 120 people in livelihood opportunities, provided 1575 student scholarships during the Covid 1st wave.
  • Old people without support system were served food and provided with shelter, by Ekam District Officer in Erode district of Tamil Nadu.
  • Nutritional kits distributed to marginalized and low socio-economic groups, facing food insecurity from loss of wages and lockdown due to pandemic.
  • Distributing food packs during lockdown in Coimbatore.


If you are interested in learning more about the Ekam Way to help underprivileged children or being part of Ekam, please register as Volunteer. We will get in touch with you to provide more details.



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