EKAM South Jersey “Give the Gift of Warmth”

09/08/2021 1:16 PM | EKAM USA (Administrator)

Winter is the time of the year where snow falls and chills grow. While we are enjoying a snow day, many people are exposed to this cold without any protective material to shield them from the cold. Many of us have coats we have lightly used. We can make a difference just by donating them and of course new ones if you’d like to. Anything related to what I mention will help: coats, gloves, hats, etc. Cooling of body parts may result in various cold injuries, with hypothermia being the most serious. Nonfreezing cold injuries include chilblain, immersion foot and trench foot. Freezing injuries include frost-nip and frostbite. If you can donate, you are impacting many people’s lives. We here in South Jersey are organizing a Winter Drive to donate Winter wear to Homeless and Covenant house in Atlantic City

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