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Turtle programming with Python

Subject: Python Turtle Coding for Beginners ages 10+
Cost: free for kids who cannot afford / min $50 donation to Ekam
Age range/grades you are teaching: 5th to 10th, ages 10+
Grade: Rising 7th grade
Day Availability: Friday, 4pm to 6pm CST
Lecturer: Hitesh K Mallula

Bio: My name is Hitesh Mallula and I will be teaching Python Turtle Coding for Beginners ages 10+. I started learning coding from 6th grade, and I developed a passion for it ever since. I like Python Turtle since it was fun and interactive, and I can now get the hang of real languages much quicker. I want to teach so I can spread my knowledge of computer science and simultaneously help a foundation with your donations. I have a curriculum that will cover all the basics that a beginner programmer should be aware of. My goal is to make students enjoy coding as much as I do. During this 8 week course, students will be doing a variety of projects that will build their confidence in coding and will simultaneously have fun at the same time.

Curriculum Summary

On the first day of class, we will introduce everyone to each other, and I will get to know about what concepts they already know. I will then begin teaching the basics of Python turtle, including the coordinate plane, and various commands. Towards the middle of the course, I will get into slightly more complicated yet fun parts, enabling you to use the keyboard to control different things. At the end of every class, if time permits, I will host a kahoot for the students to play and to check their progress. Regarding homework, I will assign some projects to do, and make the student do at least one of them, and if they want, they can do more or all of them. I will send out a google form to send me the link for their code, and questions, if they have any, so I can answer in the next class. When we get to the ending of the course, I will see whether or not they have learned something, and have something to take away from these sessions.

Materials needed for the course:

  • Laptop/Desktop with Internet access
  • Email account for homework communication
  • account
  • Zoom account to join online class

Python Turtle curriculum for each week

  Weeks Date  Module   Classwork Projects  Homework Projects


Coordinates, Movement,
and Loops

Basic Shapes
Smiley Face

More Shapes
Watermelon Slice
Captain America
Shield Minion



Variables and
Random Numbers

Surprise Me, Square
Modern Art Squares
Polka Dots

Starry Night
Random Bowtie
Debugging Practice

3 7/3/2020 Loops with Varibales

Rainbow Ninja

Square Spiral
Triangle Spiral
Into the Void
Out of the Void

4 7/10/2020 Nested Loops

Square Inception
Rainbow Square Inception

Reverse Pyramid
Reverse Square Inception
Rainbow Flower
Circle of Circles
Spiral Staircase
Dizzy Hexagon
Dot Grid
Randomly Random Shapes

5 7/17/2020 Functions

Basic Functions
Winter Wonderland

Pyramid with Functions
Square Inception with Functions
Any Shape Staircase
Debugging Functions

6 7/24/2020 Event Listners

Etch A Sketch
Picasso Game

Polka Dot Game
Fruit Stand

7 7/31/2020 Conditionals

Turtle Race
Stay Inbounds
Turtle Collision

Surprise Shape
Turtle Shape
Random Age
Grid Paper
Bullseye with Nested Loops
Light the Stars

8 8/7/2020 Lists

Which Way, Turtles
Bouncy Ball Room

Random Number Lists
Turtle Launch with Lists
Rainbow Path
Debugging Lists

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