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#Limitless - Empowering Children with Disabilities

Ekam USA's goal is to support medical needs of children whose parents cannot afford the treatment. In rural India, where children with physical and intellectual disabilities are ostracized, where parental shame and lack of access and awareness present unique barriers to education for these children, our mission is to empower children with disabilities through effective education & opportunities so as to ensure they thrive and are productive, independent members of society with the ultimate goal of an inclusive society.

Our local implementation partner is Pongiammal Palaniswamy Non Profit Educational Trust based in Coimbatore. The Trust supports Early intervention Centers for visual and hearing impaired children, Homes for abandoned children with disabilities and Government schools throughout Tamil Nadu facilitating the rehabilitation and education of children with disabilities.

All administrative costs are borne by the Trust ensuring that every dollar donated goes to children in need - paying vendors directly for education and assistive devices such as hearing aids, Braille books, mobility and cognitive aids among other needs.

Our focus is on radical transparency and with the aid of our local partner, we work closely with the heads of the Government schools and Early Intervention Centers to ensure we are serving children and families with the most immediate need, working directly with the vendors and constantly monitoring the child's progress.

Every dollar donated goes towards giving a child the opportunity to keep learning, growing and being defined by their abilities and not their disabilities...

Join us and change a life!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead

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Goal: $20,000.00
Collected: $1,859.00

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Donate $150 monthly for #Limitless - Empowering Children with Disabilities


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