EKAM Pittsburgh members Amarnath and Usha’s connection to Sai Lakshmi in 2016 visited Sai in Chennai at her house. We were very inspired by her compassion, divine nature and dedication of her life to help the needy and promote the well-being of the children and the community.

    Dr. Sai Lakshmi, founder of EKAM visited Pittsburgh in December 2017 during her first visit to the USA. We were able to invite friends and family who met Sai and were introduced to Ekam. Sai shared her journey including her initial days and the inspiration to start Ekam. The main goal of EKAM “Healthychild, Healthy community” was discussed. During the initial visit we raised  $6000 and the funds were used to support Ekam activities in India.

    EKAM Pittsburgh chapter was started in April 2018 and so far we’ve had many successful events.

    Chapter Contacts

    EKAM Pittsburgh EYA Coordinator

    EYA Coordinator | Pittsburgh | EKAM USA

    Youth Ambassadors

    Activities & Fund Collection Drives

    Provide menstrual hygiene to poor mother and girls in India

    Smrithi Shyam, a rising 10th grader in Pittsburgh started a caring crowd project to provide unprivileged adolescent girls in India menstrual hygiene. Only 12% of the women in India use [...]

    Women’s shelter Project

    EKAM PITTSBURGH Youth Ambassadors organized a donation drive to a women's shelter. The Bethlehem Haven Homeless shelter provides shelter, housing and services to vulnerable women in Allegheny County, Pittsburgh. This [...]

    GoFundMe charity fundraiser – April 2020

    A GoFundMe fundraiser was created to raise funds for the India’s poor who have been hit hard by COVID-19 lockdown. Through generous donations from local community members $2397 was raised. [...]

    Caring crowd project – April 2020

    Given the significant need for food supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic, a Caring crowd project was created to support Pittsburgh shelters and local community food bank. A total amount of [...]

    Plastic Awareness Event – July 2019

    The Pittsburgh EKAM chapter organized a Plastic Awareness event on 7/13/2019 at a local Indian convenience store in Wexford, PA. The main objective of the program was to decrease the [...]

    Salukkai ,Tamil Nadu, India Visit- June 2019

    EYA’s from the EKAM Pittsburgh chapter- Adhi and Divya Thirumala along with their parents ,  visited Salukkai village on completion of the construction of toilets. Thanks to kind donors and [...]

    Caring crowd project, January 2019

    A Caring crowd campaign which is an online fundraising platform from Johnson and Johnson was created to improve sanitation in Salukkai village, Tamil Nadu, India. Our goal was to raise [...]

    Pittsburgh Natyakriya academy raising funds for EKAM

    Sri Vidya Shakthi was a dance recital by Mrs Shobitha Raghu- founder and teacher of NatyaKriya in celebration of their 10th year anniversary. She graciously donated all proceeds to Ekam [...]

    Pittsburgh, PIC 5K, September 2018 and 2019

    PIC 5k is a Pittsburgh Indian community 5K run organized every September, raising funds to donate to local nonprofit organizations . It is a well attended event by local Indian [...]

    India visit , Salukkai , Tamilnadu, June 2018.

    Ekam youth members Sreethi, Siddarth and Srinath along with their family had the opportunity to visit Salukkai village in Tamil Nadu. It was a well coordinated visit with local Ekam [...]


    New Jersey 5k Run 2021

    In 2019, the EKAM NJ chapter organized the EKAM 5K Run in Central New Jersey. It was a widely appreciated effort, which had volunteers all over the state helping to [...]


    EYAs are participating in MediClown workshop

    EYAs are participating in MediClown workshop

    EYAs are participating in the Gavel Club

    Several of our EYA’s are enthusiastically particpating in the virtual Gavel club